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What does 800 number Reverse Mean


800 represents the telephone source code for North America; and 800 reverse phone offered by telephone companies operating in North America comprise a highly effective tool for tracking the identity of a caller. However, the laws governing the access and disclosure of 800 reverse phone numbers vary from one state to another within North America. As such, unless you are very familiar with the laws and procedures applicable in the different states, running 800 reverse number phone searches would not be an easy task. 

You will find several articles on the internet questioning the extent of reliability of reverse phone number lookup services offered free by some companies. Their scoffing at these free services is understandable considering that the bulk of these writers who criticize such free services have links to professional service providers who do not like to concede that the companies offering free services too could be providing an equally effective service at par with the quality of services rendered by them. It is true that generally reliable free services do exist for looking up on Yellow Pages, but not for unlisted numbers.

It should not be inferred from above, that any and every 800 reverse phone number is to be found in local directories. Most mobile phone for instance numbers are generally unlisted; but it should be possible to trace any number within North America, with a 800 reverse phone number. Tracking the owner and the registered address would not be a difficult task, provided you have the extended phone number complete with the area code. The area code in this context is very important.  Although finding such information from your resident state within North America based on a 800 reverse phone number is not likely to pose much problems, perhaps it may not have occurred to you what the position would be with regard to a reverse phone number that went something like      888877866. There are in fact several options for identifying the origin of a call as to whether it is from within your state or outside. One way is by simply looking at the format of the number. You will find 800 reverse phone number services being offered by several websites such as However, the absurdly high fees charged by them put them out of the reckoning of most people who need inside information on phone numbers. For instance, one particular site that offers only some limited searches for its members is known to charge a membership fee of $120. Fortunately, there are some websites that are more realistic and reasonable in their charges for 800 reverse phone number lookup services.    

If you are a victim of a prankster who keeps tormenting you unceasingly with nuisance calls, there is a lot that could be done for the identification of the culprit by a reverse phone system. If not for what reverse phone number lookup services could do to identify and track down such people, there is pretty little that a caller ID could do except for simply keeping a record of the offender’s phone number. 

When faced with situations of this nature, you will need to do a little bit of Sherlock Holmes yourself although it need not end there. Such pranksters deserve to be sued and punished according to the law. This process could be set in motion by making a recording of the call before lodging a F.I.R. In the meantime, you may also exercise Toll denial by blocking the relevant phone number from accessing your landline or cell phone.

Due to the very high charges levied by most professional services for reverse phone lookup on yellow pages, it would be advisable to initially try out some similar service providers on free yellow pages. There are however, some professional companies too that offer unlimited searches on yellow pages under various membership plans and schemes. These present some good options for obtaining quite reliable information at a reasonable cost.