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How to Trace Mobile Phone Location


New advances in the technology have now made it possible for people to trace the cell phone call location. These advances designed to trace the cell phone call location came about because of many recent events, which includes events of September 11, 2001. The technological breakthroughs that have occurred from then include inclusion of the GPS technology in mobile phones, and improved capability to detect the cell phone's location based on the signals from a local transmission tower.

There are many services online Internet that allows you to trace the cell phone call location. They might differ in the therms of interface & appearance, but they are making use of same data from telecom companies. In past one only method to get access to this technology of tracing a cell phone call location was to purchase the equipment, and use of this tool was largely regulated to the official organisations like police.

In a way this service works is by collecting information from a telecom company, which provides cell phone service. And information includes location of your cell phone as been calculated by the combination of factors that includes GPS as earlier mentioned, and distance to the nearest phone transmission masts. As, this is very similar to information that the police gets.

There are a wide variety of reasons why you would like to trace the cell phone call location, like trying to find where your friend or relative rates when you are out, keeping the track of location of your child, meeting up with the friends, and finding shops or restaurants close to you. Companies use these services to track the employees location, and to give security for the employees whenever they are working in the remote location.

In a way the GPS technology works in current cell phones differs between different cell phone networks, and with few operators it doesn’t continuously transmit the location. It means whenever you would like to trace the cell phone call location, information that you are gathering is collected from the transmission tower locations.

Location of the phone is tracked by using the triangulation - by taking two or more readings, and it is likely to calculate where signal is coming, which fits signal strengths. Third point is a location of your phone. But, when person who has a phone has made the emergency call, then this GPS transmission can be sent.